The perfectly flat and smooth handgrip, geometrically perfect, is contrasted by an oblique line that visually lightens the form while maintaining a secure and comfortable grip.

Avalable in 3 finish:



The Trio collection of handles by Linea Calì is a tribute to the most influential contemporary designer of the world.

The lines in fact recall “Pierres Vives” of Montpellier (France), designed by the Zaha Hadid studio in London and characterized by mullion and transom facades.

The Trio collection of handles for doors is characterised by the lower part of the handgrip which is especially thin and which further highlights the perfectly flat surface in direct contact with the hand.

As with all Linea Calì products, the comfort factor has not been overlooked and so, despite the particularly “taut” lines, thanks to the bevelled corners and the initial “cut” of the handgrip, Trio is a comfortable and functional handle.



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