Supernatural Collection

Supernatural Collection

Inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful natural stones, the Caesarstone® Supernatural Range Collection represents some of the latest additions to our Caesarstone quartz surface designs.

Using cutting-edge technology, the earthy tones and delicate veins of the Supernatural Range Designs are infused with intricacies and textures to create a versatile range for interior design which includes our classic marble-inspired designs Frosty Carrina™, White Attica™, Bianco Drift™, Turbine Grey™, Piatra Grey™ and Vanilla Noir™.

Another unique design inspired by light granites, also combining delicate vein features..

Uniquely designed to evoke the natural beauty of marble, Frosty Carrina™ works well in both kitchen and bathroom designs, offering the perfect combination of exquisite style and modern functionality.

Rich, creamy, light-colored base with a touch of taupe and swirled veins in brown and grey tones.

Smooth slate grey with chalky white veins.

A modern blend of silvery veining upon a mid-grey backdrop, Symphony Grey™ is a reinterpretation of natural marble, ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Shades of light and dark sweep across the surface unmasking creative opportunities for your interior colour palette.

Next generation ‘modern granite’ with mid to dark grey veins and white features within its unique pattern movement. At home in modern, transitional and country kitchens alongside natural timber, painted doors, wrought iron.

A classic black base with light veins.

White Attica is a stone that brings exuberance, bold simplicity and a classically inspired vision to a considered space. Inspired by New York marble, this stone is versatile enough to be used even throughout the most luxurious and elegant interior spaces.

Woodlands is a superb new addition. It has a lovely rich dark chocolate colour with some slight darker mottle in the background. Lighter beige-cream veining gives it a depth and variation of colour that makes it look extremely natural.

Taupe and tawny hues create the backdrop for fine, creamy veins in each slab of Tuscan Dawn.  With a clear nod to natural marble, Tuscan Dawn epitomises warmth and classic restraint and will perfectly complement design schemes with cream and yellow undertones.

Characterised by the subtle white tones and textured depth of diagonal lines and veining to evoke a sense of movement across the surface.

Emperadoro is a rich, marble-inspired Caesarstone surface with a dark-chocolate-covered base and milk chocolate veins.

A powerful combination of dark dashes that enrich a harmonious light-grey base,
dominated by the movement of streaks and swirls

A gentle blend of beige shades, enriched with brownish flows of color that create a rustic charm.

Georgian Bluffs™ reveals a discerning marble interpretation characterised by its soft light grey base with streams of white and grey veins.

Elegant, crisp white veins enhance the authentic depth and movement of this quartz design.