This look is far more relaxed in its delivery. Engaging with Naturals and Neutrals it lends itself to the addition of bespoke, vintage and functional design. This look is warm and inviting and adding in a colour like White Attica adds to the personality that we look for in Modern Design. Adding a mix of rich timbers, metals and long lasting materials the Modern style will just need your own personal touches.



Caesarstone’s White Attica is a stone that brings exuberance, bold simplicity and a classically inspired vision to a considered space. Inspired by New York marble, this stone is versatile enough to be used even throughout the most luxurious and elegant interior spaces. White Attica showcases the rich blue-black veins on a brilliant white background. This becomes the perfect hero against otherwise minimal surroundings or as the sharp inclusion to modern natural timbers. It is a rich full bodied design that can be added to shaker doors, plain cabinetry and colours that include whites, black, grey, navy and natural timbers.