Edges Profile

Find the perfect edge profile for your Caesarstone Design

All Caesarstone slabs come with a standard engineered cut ready for experienced stone masons to fabricate the surface to your specifications. Choosing the right edge profile for your specific design style and aesthetic adds the all-important finishing touches to your surface design.

Why do you need to choose an Edge Profile?

Aside from the visual aesthetics, edge profiles are vital to protect and prolong the life and performance of your Caesarstone quartz surface.

Professional stonemasons will generally finish 20mm bench top edges with a minimum 2mm profile. This profile will either be an Arised Edge or a Pencil Round Edge.

It’s important to take the following factors into consideration

  • All exposed edges should be fabricated and finished to the same finish as the surface
  • The top and bottom of edges must be rounded. Do not create square edges as the larger the surface area of the edge (ie. radius), the more resistant it is to chipping
  • All edges should have a minimum radius on any edge profile of 3mm-4mm. For added durability, the best option is a 6mm radius
  • Undermount sinks should have a minimum radius of 6mm on the upper edge of the Caesarstone

Caesarstone recommends a minimum range for edge profiles of 3 to 4 millimetres with a rounded edge to reduce the risk of chipping and increase the safety of the surface edges for your space.

Which Edge Profile?

There is a broad range of edge profiles available to inspire your design, each adding a unique style and ambience to your design.

The most popular choices for Caesarstone customers are the Aris Edge for 20mm surfaces and the Mitred Edge for 40mm surfaces. 


Aris Laminated

  • 3mm-4mm recommended

Aris Mitred

Pencil Round

  • 3mm-4mm recommended

Pencil Round Laminated

  • 3mm-4mm recommended

Pencil Round Mitred

  • 3mm-4mm recommended


Bullnose Laminated

  • 3mm-4mm recommended

Shark Nose


  • Recommended for furniture



  • Recommended for islands and drop
    down panels

Mitred Apron

  • Recommended for Supernatural

Surface edge profiles can be custom-designed by your stonemason to create a variety of thicknesses from 20mm to 40mm in depth. The thickness of the edge is limitless within reason. We quite often see customers having 60mm – 100mm thick bench tops edges. These are fabricated to make the top appear to be this thickness throughout the entire bench top. The depth of your surface can bring drama and elegance to your design.

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Pricing for Edge Profiles

The price of the profile will vary depending upon the complexity of the edge profile design you choose.

For a firm quote on the pricing of your design, we recommend speaking to your chosen kitchen design company or stonemason.