The simplicity of forms reaches its highest expression in this collection that is distinguished by the extreme lightness of its design, making it a passe-partout accessory.

Available in finish:



The new Trendy handle by Linea Calì plays on simplicity and on contradictions. Designed by the Calì internal design laboratory in 2001, Trendy is characterised by a perfect circle (rose), the symbol of entirety and harmony that intersects with a line (the handgrip). Nothing more, nothing less.

A form that calls to mind the “perfect circle” by Giotto used to demonstrate to Pope Benedict XI his level of artistry. But how did Giotto do it? Unfortunately, there is no document to prove how he did it, however, it would be reasonable to assume that he drew it by holding his elbow at his navel and using his arm like a compass. Simple but genius!

Trendy, thanks to its extremely simple and linear design is perfect in all surroundings that are modern, simple and rational.

And why not play with its contrasts to the full? The satin chrome finish is the ideal choice to balance the strong visual impact of a door with a gloss finish, whereas the polished handle is the ideal accessory for an opaque or wooden door.

As with the other Design collections (link) by Linea Calì, Trendy is made of brass and is produced entirely in Italy.


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