Technical Specification

Supply voltage: 230…240 V AC
Switching capacity: 8A resistive, or 6A capacitive or inductive, or 8 HF electronic ballasts, or 3A with compact fluorescent lamps 8 Amp resistive and incandescent lighting, 6 Amp fluorescent lighting, 3 Amp compact fluorescent lighting, 3 Amp low energy lighting, 3 Amp low voltage lighting (switch primary of transformer) Fluorescent lighting (max 6 fittings recommended) 3 Amp fans and ventilation equipment Switch SON lighting loads via a contactor.
Presence monitoring range: approx 5…7m diameter at 2.5m ceiling height
Miscellaneous: Time delay 10s…30min adjustable
Terminals: 2.5mm²
Housing material: Flame retardant ABS, fixing clip polypropylene
Protection class: Class II
Permissible ambient temperature ta: -10–+35 °C
Weight: Approx. 0.15 kg

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The SWITCHLITE MRE SLD recessed PIR Presence Detector provides energy saving (on/off switching) in response to room occupancy and daylight levels, controlling standard luminaires containing wound gear or high frequency fixed output ballasts. Cost effective in applications such as cellular offices or areas which are unoccupied for long periods of time, such as storerooms or toilets. Suitable for indoor use only.

Design notes

  • It is simply converted to a surface version by adding the surface mounting attachment kit SWITCHLITE KIT MSF (96218678), available as accessory.
  • To switch from more than one position simply wire two or more units in parallel.
  • The detector should be sited so that the occupants of the room fall inside the detection pattern, at a recommended height of 2.8m on the ceiling. Note that the lower the sensor is installed the smaller the detection range will be.
  • Avoid direct sunlight entering the sensor.
  • Do not site within 1m of forced air heating or ventilation, or any lighting.
  • Do not fix to a vibrating surface.

Functional description

  • Passive infrared detection.
  • Covers up to 7 metres diameter at a 2.8m mounting height.
  • Minimum ambient light level can be adjusted to ensure luminaires are switched on when required.
  • If daylight is sufficient (the ambient light above the minimum level) and somebody enters the sensor’s detection zone, the luminaires remain switched Off.
  • If the daylight is insufficient (the ambient light below the minimum level) and somebody enters or is in the sensor’s detection zone, the luminaires will be switched On, and will stay switched On as long as presence is detected.
  • An adjustable time delay before switching luminaires off provides flexibility for the user (1m to 30min)
  • Recessed design provides minimum intrusion
  • Provides additional building security by switching on when intruders are detected.
  • Reducing building running costs.


 Technical Specification