The perfectly flat and smooth handgrip, geometrically perfect, is contrasted by an oblique line that visually lightens the form while maintaining a secure and comfortable grip.

Avalable in 3 finish:



“…Infinity seeps through there, light gets through, there’s no need to paint…”, declared Lucio Fontana showing one of his paintings that allowed the viewer to see beyond the canvas, creating a certain sense of infinity.

And this is also true of the Jet collection of handles, thanks to which the designer’s subtraction has resulted in a handle with lines that are so perfect and harmonious that anything else would be superfluous. Exactly.

Jet is distinguished by the extremely slim design of the handle, which, thanks to the particular radius of the edges, is unexpectedly comfortable and secure.

The front profile of the handle, extremely thin, is in contrast with the upper profile, which is more imposing. This unusual contrast, as well as providing a solid grip, also reflects the light, which makes the handle appear even thinner.