Pot life: 60 minutes.
Waiting Time: 4-5 hours between layers; 5 days before installing the
ceramic tiles.
Colours: Grey
Application: Flat Trowel
Storage: Part A: 12 months. Part B: 24 months.
Protect from frost.
Consumption: 1.7 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.
Packaging: 32kg kits.
-Part A 24kg
-Part B 8kg

Two-component flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing concrete, balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.



Where to use:

Use Mapelastic to waterproof bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces and swimming pools before the installation of ceramic tiles and provide
a highly flexible, protective and waterproof coating to concrete structures particularly subject to cracking. Mapelastic seals hairline cracks already present in substrates. Mapelastic is supplied in two pre-measured components which must be mixed together without adding water or other ingredients. The mortar is applied with a trowel onto perfectly clean and sound surfaces that have been previously dampened with water.
Mapelastic has excellent bonding properties when applied on concrete surfaces, cementitious screeds and render and stone (which must be
clean and well attached to the substrate).